Monday, November 15, 2010

I am a Canadian Farmer

I realized I haven't posted in a's something to read for my fellow Canadians (and American friends, too) It was printed on a calendar a few years ago:

I am a Canadian Farmer

I am not Old MacDonald or a factory farmer,

And I don't wear coveralls and rubber boots all the time.

I use a computer, a tractor and a shovel on any given day.

And if they farm, I probably do know John and Liz and Wayne from Guelph,
And they are really nice people.

I have a kitchen table, not a boardroom table.

I am an active environmentalist.

I can proudly stamp my flag on food shipped around the world.

I believe in producing safe food.

And more of it on less land.

The best in the world.

If you ate today, thank me.

I am a Canadian farmer.


  1. Thank you, Julie. I eat several times a day ... most of it local to me. That only serves, in my mind, to strengthen and prove your role in your community.

  2. Thanks Julie.
    You are my favourite Canadian Farmer!

  3. Thank you, both of you, for your appreciation ;) !!

  4. Just found you courtesy of Losing Our Shirts blog and am looking forward to more postings. I am an armchair farmer who didn't know enough about mushrooms...please keep the information going.