Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another Market Season Closed...

It was a bittersweet market two weeks ago, as we had our final opportunity to sell our produce and products at both the Inglewood Farmer's Market and the Countryside Farmer's Market. Yes, there is SO much work involved - picking, and packing everything, baking (in my case), trying to have everything looking it's freshest and tastiest....and knowing that this will be the last time until next spring.

At the Inglewood Market, we closed down our third season. That meant that alot of the vendors had come to know each other very well. Sharing similar interests - especially the passion for local healthy food - bonded us in a way that ensured lasting friendships. We all took pride in being able to grow food for our customers, as well as for our own families.

Being able to offer the freshest mushrooms my customers will ever eat (short of picking their own in the wild), gave me a huge sense of satisfaction and pride. I enjoyed my weekly chats with my shoppers, both new and the "regulars". New recipes were always received eagerly, and I knew that the people who bought from me had a singularly dedicated approach to eating and to providing food for their families. Eating local
ly, often organically, and always fresh was ridiculously easy and enjoyable for them this summer. Indeed, it was only as we all realized that this wonderful cornucopia of food was winding down, that we all agreed how much we would miss it...and miss each other's company.

Email addresses and phone numbers were exchanged, and we all hugged each other as we said our goodbyes. To all of my friends at the markets, customers and fellow vendors, thank you for a blessed season and enjoy your time off in the winter! See you in 2011!
(that's me in the middle, with the blue and brown patterned hoodie...)


  1. Congratulations on another year. I hope it was a great success.

  2. Hi Julie,

    I am SO missing your mushrooms in my weekly menu! When are you going to book a massage with me ... I will exchange for your lovely product! or at least, come by soon on your way to the city with some I can buy! please email or call me soon, thank you. :) Mariel