Monday, November 15, 2010

I am a Canadian Farmer

I realized I haven't posted in a's something to read for my fellow Canadians (and American friends, too) It was printed on a calendar a few years ago:

I am a Canadian Farmer

I am not Old MacDonald or a factory farmer,

And I don't wear coveralls and rubber boots all the time.

I use a computer, a tractor and a shovel on any given day.

And if they farm, I probably do know John and Liz and Wayne from Guelph,
And they are really nice people.

I have a kitchen table, not a boardroom table.

I am an active environmentalist.

I can proudly stamp my flag on food shipped around the world.

I believe in producing safe food.

And more of it on less land.

The best in the world.

If you ate today, thank me.

I am a Canadian farmer.